Kridtaphorn Phetnamkhieo


Bangkok, Thailand

Ingrid K.P.  (Kridtaphorn Phetnamkhieo) was born in 1989. She graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Communication Arts and a Master's Degree in Fine Arts, and works in an ordinary office. But with all ordinary life, Ingrid has 30 books published and made her name known with the young-adult fiction:  A friend of Pacific  (2019),  Leopard seal and Adelie pal  (2021), and  A trip with the Great White  (2023). Ingrid owing to her belief in bringing the ocean and nature close to the people, and raises people’s awareness of what they have done and what they must do to save the future. She is currently working on a trilogy of an epic fantasy project about geological stories –  IMMORTAL, how gods look at mankind.

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My dear patron


Publisher : Kiridtaphorn Phetmakhieo

Language : Thailand

A friend of Pacific

Literature & Fiction

Publisher : Kiridtaphorn Phetmakhieo

Language : Thailand